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Designers  –  Dec 2021

PONDER.ER on fashion in Hong Kong and crashing cars on the runway

The design duo in a conversation about the differences between London and Hong Kong

Designers  –  Dec 2021

The resurgence of the corset through the work of 9 emerging designers

9 young corset makers prove that since their creation, corsets haven’t ever left fashion

Designers  –  Dec 2021

The world of Shanghai-based brand SHUSHU/TONG Studio

From classmates and roommates to business partners, the designer duo has a rich personal history to look back on

Designers  –  Dec 2021

The truth about the London fashion system

Christopher Shannon is done with it

Fashion Educators  –  Dec 2021

Fashion and Museology Professor Judith Clark on politicising exhibition making

Professor and fashion exhibition maker Judith Clark guides us through the strands of the discipline

Designers  –  Dec 2021

Paula Canovas del Vas chooses books and research over catwalk shows

We take a dive into the research process of the Spanish-born designer who doesn’t follow fashion’s playbook

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Rukpong Raimaturapong: "Why do I keep doing fashion?"

The Thai designer talks about jumping from art to fashion and back again

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Nong Rak: The full story behind the knits that everyone is talking about

The creative duo, Cherry W. Rain-Phuangfueang and Home Phuangfueang, on sustainability, Instagram, and perseverance

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Discover the finalists of the 2022 International Woolmark Prize

Outpacing hundreds of applicants, seven brands are set to create collections uniting fun and transparency to claim the prestigious industry prize

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Johanna Parv on the joy of independent fashion practice

For her latest capsule collection, Johanna Parv collaborated with women for whom cycling is part of everyday-life to create fashionable pieces that function on two wheels

Designers  –  Nov 2021

The importance of creating a safe space for your team

A dive into the process of HÄN, a film exploring gender equity and diversity

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Mikolaj Żurek on doing fashion in Poland

The designer speaks about pursuing fashion in Poland and the hard work behind upcycling