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Is Fashion Education ignoring Disability?

Central Saint Martins  –  Oct 2020

Is fashion education ignoring disability?

CSM BA Fashion Communication and Promotion graduate Saskia Rowlands created a documentary that explores the significant lack of disability representation in the fashion industry

Fashion work placements during the pandemic

Central Saint Martins  –  Sep 2020

What is happening with fashion design work placements during the pandemic?

8 Central Saint Martins’ Fashion Design students on the challenges of interning during a global pandemic, the disparity between small brands and big houses, and the futility of fashion

Fashion Trust Arabia: Zeid Hijazi explains how he won

Central Saint Martins  –  Jul 2020

Fashion Trust Arabia: Zeid Hijazi explains how he won

The Jordanian-Palestinian designer is one of the five winners of this year’s Fashion Trust Arabia

Central Saint Martins  –  Mar 2020

Out of School and into a Crisis: Central Saint Martins’ MA Fashion Graduates 2020

This year’s graduating designers are faced with a situation none of their predecessors have found themselves in before. What is it like to launch your career in the midst of a global pandemic?

Central Saint Martins  –  Nov 2019

Chloé Nardin: "I really struggle with what the term ‘fashion designer’ implies."

The CSM BA Womenswear graduate discusses her fixation on precision over performance, and the subtle ergonomics of medieval women's clothing.

Central Saint Martins  –  Oct 2019

Fabrice Desvaux de Marigny: When Businessman Meets Beauty Queen

The CSM graduate’s BA collection, featuring tight leather trousers, glitz and tailoring, was inspired by an affair his father had ten years ago.

Central Saint Martins  –  Sep 2019

One year out

How well do creative courses prepare students for the reality of post-graduate life? The CSM BA Womenswear class of 2018 share their thoughts.

Central Saint Martins  –  Jul 2019

Ernesto Naranjo’s playfully pragmatic ode to his Spanish heritage

Meet the Spanish designer hopping between London, Paris and Madrid a year on from graduating from CSM

Central Saint Martins  –  Apr 2019

The Masters: Rebecca Jeffs

Diving into the world of the Northern-born, Central Saint Martins graduate, Rebecca Jeffs.

Central Saint Martins  –  Nov 2018

Wanbing Huang ‒ "Commercial businesses are so boring!”

Meet the Bunka and CSM graduate who spends months developing her fabric each season.

Central Saint Martins  –  Sep 2018

The Masters: Dimitra Petsa

Take a dive into the wet world of the Greek graduate.

Central Saint Martins  –  Sep 2018

Balenciaga Revival!

Behind the scenes of Transmissions: Heritage and New Creation