Between London and Seoul lies WINDOW 00

CSM BA students Taeyang Jung, Sihyun Mo & Sungcheol Jeong talk to us about their brand new label.

New Waves: Abigail Ezimako

"Fashion - that's where my happiness lies."

The Masters: Jake Burt

The CSM MA graduate took us through the relationship between speed and design.

New Waves: Yoonki Sander Yoo

How mood and space inspire shape.

New Waves: James Crewe

What do Alexander McQueen, Richard III and Blondie have in common?

New Waves: Kitty Garratt

Inspired by her childhood home, BA graduate Kitty Garratt questioned taste and vulgarity.

New Waves: Kevin Germanier

Ecochic Design Award winner Kevin Germanier talked us through his fascination with creative transformations.

Re-presenting the Japanese creative scene with TONE

TONE magazine, a Fashion Communication and Promotion project, aims to bridge the gap between Japanese and British culture.

The Masters: Eftychia Karamolegkou

An island mentality, gender studies, and Nicolas Cage.

A visit to the CSM jewellery workshop

What's really happening in those busy studios on the second floor?