Representing the creative future

Interviews  –  Jul 2021

Jessica Madavo speaks to Ronan Mckenzie about forging your own career path

Is there a way to have a career in the industry if you do not attend a university or have any connections?

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Richard Wagner determined Callum Kamara’s fate

Talking with BA Fashion Design graduate Callum Kamara about space, the body, and finding peace in 2020

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Shanti Bell: Representing the Weight of Masculinity

The graduate’s BA collection, featuring woodwork sculptures and tailored menswear, was inspired by conversations with her brother

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Dominic Huckbody: “We all love a show, don’t we?”

What happens when a graduate show is abruptly cancelled?

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Sabah Iqbal could be big in Pakistan

The BA Fashion Design Womenswear talks identity studies and turning down a house and a job

Graduate Shows  –  Mar 2021

These CSM MA Fashion graduates prove that fashion is political

Explore the process and sketchbooks of 8 designers from this year’s Central Saint Martins’ MA Fashion course

Fabio Piras on the CSM FASHION MA 2021 Show

Fashion Educators  –  Mar 2021

“Just exist”: Fabio Piras’ call for disruption

The head of Central Saint Martins MA Fashion reminds us what it means to create

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Freja Wesik, in praise of do-it-yourself

The designer waves goodbye to university with a rainbow tinted homage to DIY

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Fi Grew makes fashion without clothes

Photographing and collaging against the basic preconception of fashion

Designers  –  Mar 2021

Masha Popova on her London Fashion Week debut

The Central Saint Martins graduate shares the realities of doing her first show from home

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Lykke Lund Rasmussen on uncovering memories through fashion

How much of us do we carry with us forever? ‘Memória’ challenges the identity of dress by creating a tactile dimension of captured recollections

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Mollie-may Boyd on the irrelevance of the outcome

The BA Fashion Design with Marketing graduate questions a fashion education relying on theoretical concepts and overly polished images