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Opinion  –  Nov 2021

Click & Regret: What is dropshipping and why does it pose a threat to the integrity of small businesses

Exploring how dropshipping vendors that mask as slow fashion brands harm young design businesses

Designers  –  Oct 2021

Sofia Ilmonen is one of the HYÈRES Festival winners of 2021

Hyères Festival returns for the 36th time this year again to award the talented Sofia Ilmonen

Central Saint Martins  –  Sep 2021

What happens when you let three fashion students loose in a room full of denim?

Through the Levi’sⓇ by Levi’sⓇ X Central Saint Martins partnership, Pip Paz-Howlett, Juntae Kim, and Charlie Constantinou designed a collection with repurposed materials

Opinion  –  Sep 2021

The Cheugy Curse: Is fashion lost in the contradiction between sustainability and coolness?

Exploring the industry’s fear of “basic” as one of the biggest driving factors behind fast fashion

Fashion Educators  –  Jul 2021

Does sustainable business exist? We asked Andrée-Anne Lemieux

The head of the IFM-Kering sustainability chair explained why we need a holistic approach to change

Miscellaneous  –  Apr 2021

All the highlights from this year's Fashion Revolution Week

We hand-picked the key moments from Fashion Revolution Week’s "Fashion Open Studio"

Designers To Hire

Scarlett Yang envisions clothes as a circular living system

What does it mean to ditch usual fabrics and invent a new organic matter for clothes?

Miscellaneous  –  Mar 2021

Alexander McQueen announces second round of fabric donations to fashion students and creatives

The house is expanding on its scheme which provides students from school age to graduate level with its surplus fabrics and materials

Designers  –  Feb 2021

The 2020 Hyères winner Tom Van Der Borght on probing the digital

The Hyères festival winner takes us in his studio and shares his views on the fashion industry during the pandemic

Designers To Hire

Florentina Leitner: “Do we really need more fashion?”

The recent graduate on why fashion shouldn’t be forgotten during a pandemic, what fashion school doesn’t prepare you for and the importance of sparking joy with her creation.

Designers  –  Feb 2021

HODAKOVA: The suit deconstructor that makes upcycling wearable

Ellen Hodakova Larsson persists on looking at the fun part of fashion

Sketchbooks  –  Feb 2021

Work in Progress: Freja Seihine

Swedish School of Textiles fashion design student Freja Seihine on creating fully sustainable puffer jackets