London Fashion Week’s schedule may be ‘murderous’ because of its amount of shows, presentations, and events, but never before has there been a time where so much young talent got together to show their work to press and buyers. While taking a break from LFW and gearing up for Paris, have a look at the talents whose names might be on the future show invites: this year’s BA graduates.

Styled by i-D’s New York fashion director Tracey Nicholson, who graduated from Central Saint Martins, and shot by Casper Sejersen, we show the designers’ first steps into the fashion world.

Top image – dress by Jim Chen Hstang Hu


Rebecca Jeffs1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_12

Tingzhi Liu1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_11

Qiying Fang1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_16

Pedro Mantua1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_15

Markus Wernitznig1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_5

Rebecca Jeffs1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_2

Tingzhi Liu1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_1

Robert Wallace1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_10

Daniel Fletcher1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_8

Markus Wernitznig1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_3

Wataru Tominaga1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_6

Pierre Campo1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_9

Lee Bodkin1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_8

Markus Wernitznig1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_4

Gabriel Castro1_Granary_Casper_Sejersen_Yulia_Musieichuk_13

Pedro Mantua 

Photographer Casper Sejersen

Photography Assistance Frederik Heide, Tom Skinner

Stylist Tracey Nicholson

Hair Naoki Komiya at Julian Watson

Make Up Laura Dominique at Streeters

Models Yulia Musieichuk at Select Models Ollie Pallister at Supa Management

Fashion Assistance Jorinde Croese, Greg France

Special thank you to Robert Kennedy and Aislinn Dowling at Dalston Pier

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