Representing the creative future

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Sep 2022

Brandon Wen takes over from Walter Van Beirendonck at the Antwerp Academy

The LA native will replace the iconic tutor and creative director starting this year

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Dec 2021

Izzy Du: Shapes from another planet

The Chinese-Canadian designer walks us through the process of creating gravity-defying pieces

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Jun 2020

The thinking behind the first digital show of The Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp

How can dreaming become a tool to create something new?

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Jun 2018

Antwerp Portfolios

Dive into the research and inspirations behind this year's Antwerp graduate collections

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Jan 2018

Get Semi-Formal with Antwerp grad Maximilian Welsch

Exploring craftsmanship and the mundane. Maximilian takes the ordinary and brings it back to life.

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Oct 2017

Inside the childhood memories of Antwerp student Julia Ballardt

For her BA collection, Julia Ballardt delved into the homes and castles she invented as a child.

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Oct 2017

Antwerp grad Joanna Chlust on filling in the details

Whatever you think Joanna’s graduation collection is about you are probably wrong.

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Aug 2017

Clara Huber means more than pretty colours

The the third year Antwerp student explained the inspiration behind her bright and colourful collection.

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Aug 2017

The politics of glam with Antwerp student Kjell de Meersman

"Fashion is a reflection of today’s society but fashion is also a way to escape this society."

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Aug 2017

Balancing hyperstrongness and hyperfragility with Sofie Nieuwborg

The Antwerp Academy graduate talked us through the inspiration behind her MA collection.

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Aug 2017

Behind the pop prints of Antwerp student Quinten Mestdagh

"I wanted to work around the concept that showed the power and strength of fashion photography and fashion imagery."