Get Semi-Formal with Antwerp grad Maximilian Welsch

Exploring craftsmanship and the mundane. Maximilian takes the ordinary and brings it back to life.

New Waves: Yoonki Sander Yoo

How mood and space inspire shape.

New Waves: James Crewe

What do Alexander McQueen, Richard III and Blondie have in common?

New Waves: Kitty Garratt

Inspired by her childhood home, BA graduate Kitty Garratt questioned taste and vulgarity.

The perfectly imperfect designs of Rokh

From caravans in Texas to deconstructed tailoring genius, meet Rok Hwang - the man behind the clothing label Rokh.


27 Mar 2017

Queen of the Mundane: Hayley Grundmann

How to turn outlandish ideas into a practical garment.