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Designers  –  Jan 2022

How to make a fashion brand that doesn’t sell clothes

Kezako Paris on fake fashion, green labels, and random creativity

Designers  –  Dec 2021

Windowsen: The Chinese brand that chooses simulations over reality

Designer Sensen Lii talks about a world with no genders where everybody wears space-like shoes

Royal Academy Antwerp  –  Dec 2021

Izzy Du: Shapes from another planet

The Chinese-Canadian designer walks us through the process of creating gravity-defying pieces

Central Saint Martins  –  Dec 2021

Central Saint Martins White Show 2022: Shedding light on the process

Discover the sketchbooks, thoughts and techniques that go into creating the White Show

Designers  –  Dec 2021

PONDER.ER on fashion in Hong Kong and crashing cars on the runway

The design duo in a conversation about the differences between London and Hong Kong

Designers  –  Dec 2021

The resurgence of the corset through the work of 9 emerging designers

9 young corset makers prove that since their creation, corsets haven’t ever left fashion

Designers  –  Dec 2021

The world of Shanghai-based brand SHUSHU/TONG Studio

From classmates and roommates to business partners, the designer duo has a rich personal history to look back on

Designers  –  Dec 2021

The truth about the London fashion system

Christopher Shannon is done with it

Fashion Educators  –  Dec 2021

Fashion and Museology Professor Judith Clark on politicising exhibition making

Professor and fashion exhibition maker Judith Clark guides us through the strands of the discipline

Designers  –  Dec 2021

Paula Canovas del Vas chooses books and research over catwalk shows

We take a dive into the research process of the Spanish-born designer who doesn’t follow fashion’s playbook

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Rukpong Raimaturapong: "Why do I keep doing fashion?"

The Thai designer talks about jumping from art to fashion and back again

Designers  –  Nov 2021

Nong Rak: The full story behind the knits that everyone is talking about

The creative duo, Cherry W. Rain-Phuangfueang and Home Phuangfueang, on sustainability, Instagram, and perseverance