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Artists  –  Mar 2017

"If it is shit, make it better": the fine art ethos of Thomas Langley

"How do you function when you’ve been given this meal ticket?" Royal Academy Schools MA Fine Art student Thomas Langley shares how his (free) education is influencing his practise.

Artists  –  Feb 2017

Degree in Progress: Siân Toolan and Antoine Langénieux Villard

The clock is ticking. What work are final year students producing leading up to their degree show?

Artists  –  Feb 2017

No walls – just Ruins taking over Mexico City

In the era of Trump, Ruins Magazine is putting on an art show in Mexico.

Artists  –  Jan 2017

Meet the duo turning human orifices into exhibition spaces for the Berlin Biennale

New Scenario proposes new definitions of 'hole-in-one'.

Artists  –  Jan 2017

teamLab: where artists, architects, CG animators, mathematician and engineers come together as one

As teamLab open their exhibition at Pace London tomorrow, we speak with them about the ideology and ethos behind technology-driven art, and how this changes our gallery experience.

Artists  –  Jan 2017

Outside the White Cube, Inside the Hotel Room

In conversation with Loney Abrams and Johnny Stanish, who take exhibitions out of the gallery and into guerrilla-style spaces like hotels.

Artists  –  Jan 2017

Got storage space? Curate fine art exhibitions

High vault-age: Lock Up International's democratisation of privately hired space.

Artists  –  Nov 2016

Keith Coventry on how to be 'a good artist'

"Work on paper. You won't need much storage space. Think about how you can present things. Don't create too much baggage. Be free - go to different places. Have notebooks, like a writer. Doing and thinking is more important than making great big finished pieces."

Artists  –  Nov 2016

Ilaria Bianchi: pushing sustainable furniture forward

"It's about being able to see possibilities rather than obstacles, not only as a designer but also as a human being."

Artists  –  Nov 2016

Janette Beckman: a career in pictures

Photographer Janette Beckman discusses cross-continental creativity clashes, subcultural style, and the importance of keeping it natural in the age of Instagram